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Thread: 3-5-2 flat tactics & orders

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    3-5-2 flat tactics & orders

    please help me with recomended tactics and orders for my formation. I want to play 3-5-2 flat.
    my team is only 5 and 6 stars quality, and my championship place is 8 now. Maybe i have wrong settings.
    I tried many ather tactics and formations, and i lose. i lose with 4-2-2, 4-2-2-2, 4-3n-2w-1, 4-5-1v . I don`t know wkat can i play. I decide to play from the end 3-5-2 flat. Help me with recomanded settings.
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    Notice a pattern with those tactics? They all counter your weakness, the wings.

    I don't use 3-5-2 but if I did I would do-

    Attacking mentality
    Short passing
    Mixed flanks
    Normal tackling
    Press whole pitch
    No counter
    Play offside

    The benefits are 5 in midfield will give you a good chance of dominating possession and creating lots of chances.
    Short passing will allow you to keep possession with your crowded midfield and avoid being countered.
    Playing whole pitch and offside with 3 CBs is a good choice but be careful, quicker strikers could punish your CBs.

    The downside is your flanks are wide open and there's a high risk of being countered.
    If you're 1-0 down there's not a lot of options to improve the attack of such formation.

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    You need to keep a balance in your formation, and if you are interested to keep your 3-5-2 flat, you need to use some arrows.

    That said, I would play in the middle, with a red arrow on the center MC and blue arrows in ML, MR and one ST. Still, I would use attacking mentality and offside trap.

    Try that and let me know how it goes

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    Question Exploiting its own weakness on offense?

    Quote Originally Posted by El Pistolero View Post
    (…) your weakness, the wings.
    Mixed flanks
    So you think its weakness is its wings and you still set its attack for mixed flanks?

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