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Thread: Important Cup match against 3n-1-2-3-1

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    Important Cup match against 3n-1-2-3-1

    Hello Guys,

    after just reading for a while I decided to ask for some help now

    I'm just a lvl 5 guy who is facing the heaviest opponent of the season in the quarter-finals of the cup. Looking at the other teams quality averages, our match seems to be the early final.

    My opponent is playing this (very attacking??) formation, not to mention he's got that very heavy 7* Striker.


    In todays first leg (lost 1:2 @home) i tried 4-5-1V with red arrows on both DR and DL plus blue arrow on my DMC. Settings i used were Normal / both flanks / Mixed Passing / No Counter / No Offside / low pressing. He had 3 supporters and joined later on, so there was no significant home bonus on my side.

    Any suggestions appreciated

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    4-5-1V it's good but no red arrows to defenders. Put blue.
    Also play def/counters. Working better vs stronger opponents.
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