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Thread: Need help on formations & orders

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    Need help on formations & orders

    Hey everyone and a happy new year.

    I just started off a new season of T11 a few days ago.
    Unfortunately i kinda struggle, eventhough my Team is much better then the other ones. Im almost a star or 2 ahead of my opponent.

    My results are kinda bad tho. I lost 3 Games, won 2 and 1 draw.
    My Players are always fit and have a good moral for the next match.

    I had some lucky shots on the transfermarket and all of my team have at least 4 stars, my overall Quality of my starting 11 is ~ 21.

    I went for the 4-1-4-1 formation and tried several tactics and orders, i still dont get it. Maybe im doing something wrong or the formation is just bad.

    Would be nice if you guys can help me out.

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    I have another team at Level 2 I didn't buy players coze I lost every bid in level 1 and 2 only got 2-3 good players and the rating of my starting 11 is 20 after I bout 5 star player Today but b4 it was 16-18 star but I won the league level 1 and top of level 2 league now just use 433 or 352 or 442 343 all of this are good for beginners but I tried 433 and 352 so it won't be a problem if you use this two
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