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Thread: Playing against 3-1-4-2 tonight

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    Playing against 3-1-4-2 tonight

    Hi everyone,

    I'm playing against this formation tonight, a flat 3-5-2 with an MC moved back to DMC, and the opponent is just a little stronger.

    The first is my squad and the second is his.

    Playing against 3-1-4-2 tonight-my-team.jpg

    Playing against 3-1-4-2 tonight-opponent.jpg

    He has the 6 star, just in case it doesn't come out properly, and most of his players are at the top of the 5 star range.

    Is the formation I've chosen suitable to beat him? Might play a counter attacking game down the wings, but I'm at home. I will correct the arrows and substitutes later lol.

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    How did you go in this game using the formation showing, Aaron? I have a similar opponent in CL tonight.
    No regrets


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