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Thread: Home away from home

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    Home away from home

    Hi all players. I've got a problem. My team is quite lethal on the road, but I tend to lose "cheap" games at home. I play the same formation at home and away: 4-4-2 with a "diamond" midfield, DMC, AMC, ML, MR. Red arrows alternatively on the central midfielders or the wingers. Attacking style. The one difference I usually make is to have high pressure at home while counter attacks off, and the opposite away. Anyone has a clue to why my team fares better in the away games? (I'm at level 11 if it helps.) Thanks.

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    you lose not because you are at home, but because you play with the same formation against all teams

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    a scenario
    when your opponent is playing at your home, he set defense/counters.
    His defenders confront your 2ST + AMC and then he is scoring from counter attacks (as you 're playing attack + high pressing).
    Try a couple of games to play defense/counters even if your oppo is weaker, to see how it's going.
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