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Thread: Counter for 4-1-2-1-2 Narrow Diamond

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    Counter for 4-1-2-1-2 Narrow Diamond

    The highly useful formation guide by t11_fan lists Narrow Dianond 9 times as a counter to various formations. Yet it does not list any counters for it, making it the ultimate, at least in the author's eyes.
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    Hmm. You did not check well I think. If you go on page 1 of the "Table of counter formations" thread 4-5-1 V is suggested. I always used this and won 100% of the times. On page 61, t_11 fan suggests this: 3N-1-4-2, 3N-5-2V, 3N-1-3MC-2WAM-1, 3N-1-5-1. Never tried but I know that 3N-1-3MC-2WAM-1 is deadly against 4-3-3.

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    I counter 4-4-2 ND as the 4-3(MC)-3 with the same way in defense and I can say with very successful way.
    As there are no wingers, I set 3DC + 1DMC to have an advantage vs oppo attackers.
    DMC also helps in the mdf game were I have 2 MC.
    Then I choose how set my attack.
    If I have 2 good ST and the victory is a must, I go with 3-5-2 V.
    If I don't have 2 good ST or they 're not performing good (as the latest seasons), I set 3 MC or 2MC + AMC-L-R (3-6-1V).
    Orders depending from my oppo quality or what I want from that game.
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