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Thread: Problem with tactic

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    Lightbulb Problem with tactic

    Hello i use my best tactic since 3 season, most match i have won like 4:0 , 3:0. In this season my tactic looks like worst ever. i lose or draw 90% match. witch weak oponent. awesome but i cant change this ...

    i play 4-4-2

    (dont look on this DC i sold this one becouse have rating 5-5-6-5-...)


    Pasing Mixed
    Pasing zone Mixed
    Counterattack on
    Presing style low
    reception Balls normal

    ofside off

    in last seans on final resoult in league i get 4th, 6th, 2th , 1th

    help please ..

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    Well......I have had times like this. What I simply do is change formation for about 5games and return to 442, I have been playing with 442 since level 2. There are some basic things I do like always use a DMC against a team who has an AMC and I try to get excellent MR and ML . My orders are quite different from yours though

    Down both flanks
    Counter off
    Low pressing
    Zonal marking
    Offside on.

    I only use normal when I fear my opponent might deploy counter attacks . I know it's important for the right center back to have red arrows, but I don't house it because I want my middle solid. My center backs still score goals.

    I would like to pay my respect, just discovered I am advising my senior. I hope I have helped

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    arows are on first screen in this version arrow are that