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Thread: Playing Stronger 4-5V-1 Team in the Cup Final

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    Playing Stronger 4-5V-1 Team in the Cup Final

    So I made it to the cup final, but my opponent is 4 points better than me with all of his players are 6 or 7 stars but hi DL. My players are 5 stars with 2 6-stars and 1 4-stars player. He is playing 4-5V-1 style which is the same style I've been playing for most of the time, but I think i need to adjust for this one.

    Ideas? Game is in apprximately 12 hours!
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    Sorry, kidding. But you should try a counter for this l(like 4-3-3). I am playing 4-5-1 V as well and I hate players with 3 AMC for instance (like 4-2-3WAM-1). Maybe you should try this.

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    Hi, I've also a 4-5-1 v-style opponent to face in champions league final.

    Globally he's not so stronger than me,but has an 8-stars st,that should be cared in defensive strategy.

    I tried once a 4-3N-3 countering formation and I won, but opponent was weaker and quite dismissed.
    Vs higher opponents I would not risk a so offensive formation,unless required.

    The defensive countering formation for 4-5-1 vstyle is 3dc-dml-dmr-3mc-2st, with target in the center or mixed.

    I often use 4-5-1 vstyle and its variants ,but I change when required.

    On the opposite,he's so sure with his 4-5-1 vstyle he never changes
    (he cannot follow me,since we are not friends,but I often follow him, while supporting my friends vs him).

    The variant of countering formation 3-2-3-2 will be 3-2-3-Aml-st , instead of st-st, and target will be mixed,to destabilize him.
    Of course,high defensive,short pass and counterattack will be my choices

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