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Thread: How I won

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    How I won

    I can't play all three competitions at one time so I decided to withdraw from cup... For that I set up a wired formation and my opponent was playing 3-5-2 I didn't level up the morale but then also I won with 4-2 wow! See my formation......
    How I won-picsart_03-09-05.36.35.jpg
    (That time morale of every player was good and morale of two was formation if you see superb or very good morale that I leveled up after match... So how i won because of weird formation or by arrows or by what??
    Tell me then I will use it as my strength
    And I also noticed that for scoring player's star didn't matters something else matters as my player with 1* scored a goal inspite of that I bought him by young player pitch [Youngsters players form stadium] he was of 0 Tokens....

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    Luck also matter more than stars
    Your formation is so easy to beat by counter attacks.mostly 4-5-1v.
    No,no it is very good formation,Cheers
    Bannedlike(forced)//for just posting guides and winning 1 league in 21 seasons without knowing reason..