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Thread: Best formation for 3-2-3-2 and off position advice

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    Best formation for 3-2-3-2 and off position advice

    Ok so guys i have an important match tonight. Im 7th in the league and hes at the top.

    He's using the following formation: 3 DC, 1 DML and 1 DMR, 3 MC and 2 ST. And also to note that both of us have almost equal quality; his is 83% while mine is 82.7%. He has all 5 star except for one 4 star offense and midfield players.

    I have one 6 and two 5 star defenders 4 star right back, 3 star dmc, two 5 star MCSs, one 5 star each ML/AML/DML and MR, a 6 star and two 4 star forwards.

    Which formation and orders is best to use against him? And btw since I dont have a good defensive midfielder being 3 star only, can i use my MC in position of DMC for the formation if required?

    Please answer guys and thanks in advance.
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    I would have preferred 3n-1-3-2w-1, but it doesn't look like you have the personnel for that. Next would be 3n-1-2n-2w-2, but you don't have an AMR. So, 3n-1-3(MC,MC,MR)-AML-2. Focus on the flanks.
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