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Thread: Counter for 3W-1-2-2-2 ?

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    Counter for 3W-1-2-2-2 ?

    Any ideas for this one -->

    Counter for 3W-1-2-2-2 ?-3w-2-2-2.jpg

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    Before giving any advice I will suggest to make sure what he can do.
    Opponent is having very wierd formation.
    This is very dangerous formation as he can go down the flank as well as middle.
    You can try counter attacks.
    Play defensive
    Focus passing mixed
    Passes type mixed
    Counter attacks on
    Offside trap on
    Zonal marking

    You can use any of them 4-4-2 classic ,3N-2dm-3W-2N.

    If you dont use striker it will be fine aswell.
    Using 2 Amc is must with forward arrows and back arrows on 2 dm.
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