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Thread: Save my Season

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    Save my Season

    Hi friends,

    need u r help to save my level 21 with players avg of 124.8 and i lie in 11th position ... teams with lesser avg are easily ripping me apart...started the season with 2 wins and then all losses ... But in CL m topping my group with 31 goals scored... I play with 4-1-2-1-2 ND... with orders Team men : Attacking; Focus passing : Passing through the middle; Pressing style : Low; Tackling : Normal; Passing style: Mixed;
    Marking : Zonal; with no counter attack and offside trap....i tried 4-4-2 also but cant prevent my team from loosing...kindly help me in saving my season

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    Do what West Brom did in the '04-05 season

    Try a defensive formation, preferably 4-5-1V since that's what I use, and have been undefeated this season. My tactics are defensive, down flanks, mixed, counter force on, low, normal, man-to-man, no offside trap. Down arrow on DMC, up arrow on the wing players. Since your defence is leaking goals, try getting the rightmost goalkeeper from the recommendations, or look a 24+ y.o. second hand keeper with a lot of appearances for the club. I did this last season, and Bava earned us 2nd place after a horrible start. Also give full monetary bonus and train them to 10% bonus in all fields. They are extremely crucial, and try to attend your matches. Also have a chat or two with @Tactician
    I assume your target is promotion.
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    I'm not sure what your midfield actualy looks like, but it looks like people are just playing down the flanks around you. Not sure about why you wouldn't get any wins with 4-4-2 - but you've been playing longer than me.

    However, playing through the middle will only work, in theory, if you have more people in the middle - or you are much better, Try using the flanks a bit more in attack, when relevant. I'd put on high press with counter-attacking on, with attacking, so maybe switch one of those also. I'm not a believer in switching formations, but I use what I think is a well rounded formation, and I mainly change the last tab in the squad area depending on the formation I see being played.