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Thread: Counter 4-1-1-3W-1

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    Counter 4-1-1-3W-1

    How do I counter this formation 4-1-1-3W-1? I'm playing at home, but the opponent team is ranked 4 points higher than me (40 vs 44). This is the 1st leg in CL semi.
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    I think you can use 4-5-1V or 3W-5-2V

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    I have a game today in the WC Final against a guy using this with a better team.

    I'm going 4-0-3 (MCs) - 2 (AMR AML) - 1 STR

    So anyone have any ideas about instructions for 4-3-2-1?

    I was thinking I would go normal or defensive and high pressing with counters on, down the flanks (coz he has a DMC and a MC and a AMC) and long or mixed passing? Or you guys think I should be able to use my 3MC to greater effect and go down the middle?

    My defenders are great, but he will have 4 attacks, so I figure I should probably go zonal and normal ?

    I'm still figuring out the instructions effect and combinations, so any input would be taken on board. Cheers.