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Thread: 2-3-2-3 (no STs) - Is this allowed?

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    Question 2-3-2-3 (no STs) - Is this allowed?

    I am about to face an opponent (red) with this formation:

    2-3-2-3 (no STs) - Is this allowed?-image.jpg

    I tried recreating the formation with my own squad and I got a warning saying that having only two defenders is not a good idea. The same team played previously, using a 2N-2W-3N-3W formation, and lost 6-0 to a 4-3-3 flat formation; prior to that loss it has won twice.

    My question does not pertain to counter formation and tactics. Rather, I am interested in the logic behind this formation and the chances that this formation could win a match.

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    2 defenders is modern style of playing football.
    You can beat him with counter attacks,low press and defensive mentality.

    2-3-2-3 is attacking formation even if it has no Striker.This formation works best if he uses high press and short passes.3 attacking midfeilders makes it more attacking.Opponent must be using blue arrows on dmc or mc.
    You can beat him with 4-5-1v or 5-3-2 flat.
    By using low press and counter attacks.
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    This formation can be used in real life, and in fact has been know to be good in the past (for example, Pep's Barcelona team). But, this game does not always follow the logic of football.
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