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Thread: WTF FORMATION 4(dr,dl,dc,dc)-1(mc)-2(aml,amr)-3(st)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jan Jordan Voll View Post
    so which one should i go with current wingers?

    4-1-2-1-2 ND or

    4-3-2-1 or

    4-3-2-1 no, it's not enough - I said you must use 5D or 4 +1 DMC.

    I prefer to give formation advice for defense at a first point.
    When oppo is using 4 defenders, what I 'm saying is to use what is working better for you.
    If your team working good with AML-AMR-ST go with that
    If can play good with 2ST-AMC (ND), go with that.
    if the teams are balanced in quality, usually it's the good day/performance of one attacker that 'll judge the result.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nikolgiorgos View Post
    I would risk defense/counter with long pass as oppo doesn't have DM and I can see a void in the middle.
    For attack AML-AMR or AMC looks can do some damage (set red arrows)

    For defense, you need 4 def. of course +1DMC with blue arrow
    But it's not a shame to use 5D + 1DMC lol
    I went short passing the entire game as I didn't want the game to open up and give him extra attacking opportunities that having CA on would give. If I were at home with possession bonus I might consider using long passes as my turnovers would likely be lower frequency.

    WTF FORMATION 4(dr,dl,dc,dc)-1(mc)-2(aml,amr)-3(st)-antica3.jpg
    I had 8% bonus from spectating as his stadium was empty and he didn't attend.
    Pass % 84 him 86 me.

    I conceded first while pressing low and switched to high with trap soon after.
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    0-0 with narrow diamond is good for me cause the first game was won by me!

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