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Thread: Strikers vs. Attacking Midfielders

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    Question Strikers vs. Attacking Midfielders

    My Current Formation:
    Strikers vs. Attacking Midfielders-squad-formation-jas-fc.jpg

    I've noticed generally my strikers do not perform as well as my AMC, AML and AMR. Granted, my Attacking Midfielders are highly rated, I'd still like to see my Strikers scoring goals instead of maybe nabbing an assist every other game. I have used different formations and tactics. I have bought/sold several strikers and spent lots of time training them all, yet the problem persists. I can't possibly be the only manager that has had this issue.


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    of course not.
    This is for every one.
    I would suggest to take one ST and replace him with a MC.
    AMs with red arrows are playing as attackers too, so 4 are enough.
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