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Thread: 4-5-1 V defensiv.

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    4-5-1 V defensiv.

    hi guys

    I play 4-5-1V defensiv, counter on , low pressure , zonal, focus passing mixed.

    Should i play short , mixed , long? i tried but dont seem to note the different.

    open for suggenstions

    thx in advance

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    if oppo has DMC or DML-R play mix.
    because many lines of oppo squad (attackers- midf. players - DMs) make long pass more difficult to work,
    If he isn't using DM, set long pass.
    But be careful with the comments of assistant.
    if he mention that oppo cuts out pass, switch to mix.
    Sort pass no. Doesn't fit
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    Mixed passing is probably the best option for this formation in my opinion. And as nikolgiorgos short passes don't fit this formation, only use short passing if you're using a flat formation. Other than that, the info he gave is solid