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Thread: 4-1-3-2 No MC/L/R

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    Post 4-1-3-2 No MC/L/R

    Hi guys, I'm playing against this formation tonight. Just wondering if it's an illegal formation? His formation is:


    With no MC/L/R I thought it's an illegal formation but then he hasn't lost a match since, at worst a draw. Though his team is fairly better than everyone in the league (except me).

    I'm planning to use the good old 4-4-2 with arrows on MR/ML, attacking both flanks for the first half and Mixed in the second half. Whole pitch, no counter, Zonal, Attacking (My team is fairly better than his).


    Any suggestions? Is his formation illegal or not? This No MC/L/R is still a mystery... Maybe he only need a DMC/L/R to be illegal?

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