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Thread: 4-2 (md)-3-1

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    4-2 (md)-3-1

    hi guys only just joined the forum so please dont shoot me down, ill get round to reading to reading thru whe i get a chance

    anyway i am halfway thru level 4 an have a team rated 110(42.5)

    i usually use a 4-2-3-1 formation, 2 centrebacks with 2 full backs, 2 central midfielders, AML,AMC,AMR and a ST, my team seems fairly well balanced, full backs have strong abilitys with dribbling an crossing as do the AMs

    i am the strongest team in my league by a mile yet ive still lost 4 games this season, for the first 3 seasons i coped pretty well with most formations using my tactics but this season ive got creamed by much weaker opposition (1 was a 4-3-3)

    ive played round also with a 4-4-1 and a ,4-4-2 system but still come back to my 4-2-3-1, i usually play attacking with a short passing, alter focus with either down flanks or thru middle depending on opposition, low pressing, hard tackling, zonal with an offside off

    now course you accept defeats but when you get beat by a team much weaker than yourself it makes me wonder if any of you guys have advise for tweaking my system?

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    ΙI always playing with defense/counter vs 4-3-3 even if I 'm 2 stars higher.
    Many times a team with 3 ST caught catch by surprise higher q teams which playing attack.

    Also be careful with short passing.
    Some times can give a disadvantage.
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    if you playing aml/amr long passes is better.