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Thread: How to beat 4-1-1-3W-1?

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    Antonio Gustavo Hernandez

    How to beat 4-1-1-3W-1?

    Hello, I am new in the forum and this is my first post. There is a manager in my league who generally plays with this formation.

    His team is better than mine, approximately %110 quality for our level and mine is %108. His defence players are 18 years old and 3 of them are %105 and one is %122, probably by personal trainer. I am also token buyer, my first 11 was %130 last season, but making an 18 years old player to world class level is more than I can afford. So friends, what are your suggesstions? Thanks for your suggesstions by the way.

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    I would use 3-2-3-2(DC DC DC DML DMR MC MC MC ST ST)
    Team mentality : Defensive
    Focus passing : Mixed
    Pressing style : Low
    Tackling style : Normal
    Passing style : Long
    Marking style : Zonal
    Force counters : Yes
    Offside trap : No
    Good luck!

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    You could also use 4 1 3 2 (DL DC DC DR DMC MC MC MC ST ST) with the same orders, i think this will work better!

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    Antonio Gustavo Hernandez
    Thank you Cletomendez, I will try both of them in a friendly with my friends who plays with this formation.

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    Greek Forum Moderator nikolgiorgos's Avatar
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    also 3Dw- 2DMC-2MC-AMR-AML-ST
    Καλώς ήρθατε στο Ελληνικό φόρουμ

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    Antonio Gustavo Hernandez
    Tank you nikolgiorgos, that's interesting. So I will try to hit him from the flanks won't I? Can my DMCs and MCs take advantage from his midfielders with this formation? Finally, what about the orders?

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    Antonio Gustavo Hernandez
    Hello again mates, I have won the match yesterday evening by using

    I am sharing the details, so this could be helpful for some managers who will play against this formation. First of all thank you nikolgiorgos, that really worked for me. The orders were following;

    Team Mentality: Defensive
    Focus passing: Mixed
    Passing style: Mixed (I tried to not lose my possesion)
    Forcing Counterattacks: Yes

    Pressing Style: Low
    Tackling Style: Normal
    Marking Style: Zonal
    Offside Trap: No

    First of all, probably, my rival was playing with "High pressing" and "Hard tackling" his one player took 2 yellowcards and went out I will share a picture of match details attached on the post.

    Conditions, morales, win bonuses and team bonuses of the training of my players were full.

    I had all three goals by free-kick and by my star player who is "FK Specialist". My rival had from a CK.

    By the way I had %+15 total possession bonus thanks to my friends even if I was the away team.

    Finally, I hope this topic would be helpful to all managers who read it. How to beat 4-1-1-3W-1?-screenshot_2016-10-25-20-53-23.jpgClick image for larger version. 

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