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Thread: Can i counter 4-3w-1-2 with 4-4-2 classic ?

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    Can i counter 4-3w-1-2 with 4-4-2 classic ?

    Hello. I will face the leader on my league tomorrow. I am second.Its an away game. If I win i'll be the leader. My players have more quality than him. 4-4-2 classic is my formation and i cant use any other lineup. My subs are trash. Can I counter 4-3w-1-2 with my 4-4-2 classic tactic? If yes, can you tell me orders for it? My orders are normal mentality, down both flanks , mixed passing, counter attack on, whole pitch hard press, zonal. offside off. Will these orders do good against him? If not, i can transfer a 5* DMC and turn to 4-1-4-1. Would that be a better option? If yes, could you give me orders for 4-1-4-1 as well please Thank you..

    PS: I dont wanna attack through the middle, my wingers are 6* and they usually put up a good performance, DL 6*, both MCs 5*..

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    4-4-2 in T11, for some reason can counter any formation
    Just set normal/no to everything.
    if you 're not watching (like from the opponents I lost), even better
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    I had like to say yes... Seem like old counters are finding it difficult after the update.