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Thread: Still feeling lost

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    Still feeling lost

    Hiya guys I've been playing T11 for afew months now and still feel like I haven't fell into a formation yet? I'll happily admit I'm not tactically minded but I like to have a go.
    Most of the posts seem so technical. What are some of the best formations that I can play about with I keep finishing between 3rd and 6th in my league I don't seem to have that killer edge any advice would he amazing

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    I think the best formation in T11 is 4 5 1V Deffensive, Mixed passes, through the flanks and counter attacks on. Arrows UP to AMR and AML. I have won many tournaments with this tactics. Good luck!

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    Good suggestion.

    Maybe you would get excited by the narrow diamond, it's capable of some huge victories.

    Dl DC DC DR
    MC MC
    ST ST

    AMC and DMC are key, one or both defensive wings capable of scoring and passing is killer.
    Hard attack, through the middle, short, counter attack off (you can try it, generally off though). High press, normal tackle, zonal, no offside trap (unless you have a unique back line). Up arrows to AMC, DMC, DL, DR. Focus on passing, speed, fitness, finishing, and creativity.

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