Hi all,

I've been combing the forum a bit and haven't yet come across a post that summarises in plain English the tendencies of the various formations. Their general purpose, strengths and weaknesses, what scenarios you should consider using etc. Thus far I see a lot on specific counter formations but nothing that outlines the general play style of each.

I tend to find that the in-game player movements don't often reflect what my footballing brain would expect player position and flow to be so I think I may be making incorrect formation decisions. It would be helpful to get a general sense of how the formations work specifically in Top 11 so I can make more informed tweaking.

Like for example a "4-1-3W-1 is generally a defensive posture that cedes attacking half midfield control in favour of breaking on a CA down the flanks etc etc. The specific formation counter lists are great but a bit specific/mechanical and doesnt give a great sense of how the game generally perceives each formation's tendencies.

Anyone know of a guide similar to what im talking about?