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Thread: different formations as progress through the game

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    different formations as progress through the game

    im at level 9 won the league levels 1-7 2 trebles 3 doubles
    lost league last year just
    lost first 2 league games this year (i went 4 years unbeaten in league)
    i expect the game to get harder etc more daily players etc less rubbish teams but wondered if anyone had thoughts on formations needing to adapt as you progress?
    i usually watch games but i'm on holiday so wasn't able to see either league game so far, teams both times evenly matched (me maybe 4/5% stronger) but lost 3-1 twice moral n condition n bonus all high formation on paper meant to be good v the opposition

    how much impact as you get to levels 9/10 etc does watching the games have u reckon?

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    Congrats on your treble!

    Regarding your question on needing to adapt formation; yes, somewhat. As the game gets updates, the formations and/or orders that work best change, so through trial and error, conversations w/ other players, etc... you might get an idea about what works best.

    As you level up, there are still plenty of rubbish teams, so promoting is rarely difficult; when it is, its because nordeus is doing a quality based league draw. However, the # of teams decreases so the odds of drawing a server level heavyweight in the CL is higher (same w/ being drawn into a multi-level CL), and tankers will most likely become more prevalent. Watching matches is important if facing one of those elite teams, but against most teams u can get away without attending, even at higher levels.
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