I'm very happy to write about Lower Quality Team against High Quality. I'm writing this because I have observed Managers with Low Quality Team get afraid and lack conference when playing against High Quality Team.

Low Quality (LQ) - if your team is playing against High Quality (HQ) as a manager do not panic try to concentrate on your plan and ask yourself the following:
1. What is the Quality rate difference between the HQ and your team.?
2. What was the position of HQ team in the just ended league?
3. Check the total match played by each of his players to discover his the experience of the team.
4 Check the rate after match of his players?
5 Is the team playing champions league?
What his

After comparing these above will guide you on which part of your team you want base your confidence on?
Some of the HQ team are just Quality by team and number, these look like Tiger but I can tell you is a week team or the team is in crisis.

Ask yourself after doing all these checks do you want to defend, attack or counter attack? Look at his formation and know his tactical mind set.
Try and develop players, keep them, train and give them more playing time this will be small rating starts players but really dangerous and can battle against HQ and win.

The season is long in Top Eleven or other managers game so know players you want to keep, who did well last season. Don't be afraid to bench a player with higher stars but bring 5 and 6 rate after match while you have a low stars players at bench who bring 7 or 8 rate after match but you are not convinced to give him a time to play - is an indication he needs time.

Try to consult tactics to develop your tactical mentality.

I will continue again..... you can ask your tactical question. Good luck!

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