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Thread: Changing mentality after scoring

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    Changing mentality after scoring

    Hi all,

    Curious what some of you do in a circumstance where:

    Teams are equal in quality
    Mentality is normal, tackling is normal
    No defensive arrows
    You score the go ahead goal in say the 70th minutes to make it 1-0 or 2-1.

    Do you change your mentality to button up the back? I've found over the last few seasons that if I change my mentality to defensive, do smart down arrows or move say a MC to a DMC position and spam defensive bonus its almost always results in an immediate equaliser. I always have to fight my instinct to shut the door on opponents like one would do in real football. It just doesnt seem to work. Anyone else have thoughts on this? I know there are plenty of factors involved in when/how one goes about being defensive but i've tried a range of schemes against a range of opponents and it recurs with frequency. Gotta fight the instinct!

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    I only change it if I'm losing or a draw...
    Usually I'm playing normal. If losing then -> Attacking.
    If leading, I'll keep it on normal. No need to change.
    Same with the bonuses. If I start a match -> Possession. If losing -> Attacking. ( same with the draw ) and when leading, then defence or condition...

    // ( Sometimes, when I'm winning with 3+ goals, then I also hit attacking to get more goals...)