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Thread: What Tactics for 4-1-3-2

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    What Tactics for 4-1-3-2

    What Tactics for 4-1-3-2-top-eleven-squad-3-27.jpg vs What Tactics for 4-1-3-2-opponet.jpg

    What tactics to use or should I change my formation entirely? I can afford another player if I need to. Place 5th in my league after one of my players went down during a losing match and I didn't set the auto-subs properly. So I really want to get a win, if not a draw to help keep me in the Top 3.

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    He is playing long ball and maybe countering. So you should not attack to much. Play down the flanks.

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    Against 4-1-3-2 you need to defend your center and attack him over the wings. Most players would probably use 4-5-1 V-style, but if you are familar with your system it should thoretically work. The MC is def. motivated, that fits and you can attack over the wing.

    Good luck and don't be surprised if you get a huge possession bonus (reason: in the other team many players play out of position).

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