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Thread: How to beat 4-2w-1-2-1???

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    How to beat 4-2w-1-2-1???

    So yeah never seen this formation before
    4 defenders- DML/DMR-MC-2Amc- st
    Its the last league game of the season and i need to draw or win. I am second and he is 3rd 1 point behind.
    Last time I played an 4-1-2-1-2 and lost 1-3 against him.(Normally i play 4-5-1v but i think there is no chance of playing wide against it)
    Now I think about playing 4-2-1-2n-1 balanced, through the middle, short passing, no counter, own half, zonal . I am lvl 22 and our teams are even rating. What do you think? Game is in about an hour so quick responses would be appreciated.
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