Hi there,

Since i'm relatively new to the game, and to the vast number of available tactics, and its correspondents counter tactics, i need your help in order to become the winner of the cup. I'm playing the cup final tomorrow against a guy that has 5.4 more points than me, in terms of team quality. He is using the following tactic:

Help to face this tactic and this player...-tactic.png

How can i beat him, what tactic do you advise me to use, and the instructions, how should i'd set them?

I normally use one of the two following tactics:

1->Help to face this tactic and this player...-2.png
2->Help to face this tactic and this player...-3.png

One final detail, i don't hav any dmc in my squad.

Thank you so much in advance

Best regards to all of you