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Thread: how to counter strange formation 4-2-2w-1-1

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    how to counter strange formation 4-2-2w-1-1

    Hi All out there,

    I encounter this evening for the second time a very unusual formation which looks like the following:

    DR -DC - - DC - DL
    - -DMC- - DMC- -
    MR- - ML

    Attachment 87247

    Both teams are quality wise nearly equal (I have 112%, opponent has 109%).
    I countered the team in the first leg with 3-2-2-2-1 Butterfly and barely managed a 2:2. The openents manager did not attend the game.
    The game stats were:
    Posession 63% : 37% (!!)
    Corner 13:4
    Shots: 20:8
    Saves: 0:6 (...!!)
    Shots on goal 11:5 (!)
    Efficiency 18%:40% (!!albeit, my AM and ST's have 117%)
    Sucessfull passes: 88% : 88%

    His MR and his DL scored his goals, hence nothing conclusive to suggest a weak spot on my side which would needed to be covered.
    Assuming this is a very defensive formation I avoided to be too offensive and used "normal" as attack mode (trying to avoid counter attacks).

    Anyone out there withh a suggestion if there is a better counter formation?

    And an additional questions to the experts amongst you folks:

    I try quite often to adopt my formation and to play with the right counter formation (Inam in league 4). Lately, the performance of my players are deteriorating more and more. Despite higher (20%) or much higher values (40+%) I start losing games or my games end in a draw. Could it be, that teams need time to adopt a new formation and changing too often deteriorates their performance?

    I am if there is anyone out there with an idea.

    Thanks a lot in adavance, D.

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    You should play with your strengths, dosnt really matter about the other team if you keep changing your formation to counter the others you will probably keep getting drews as your playing defensive football, you need to stick to your formation don't keep changing it as I found the players don't like it,
    So I would suggest keep you formation and just change the tactics to suit the match and whilst the match is going on keep a eye on the other players and see which part is weak and play through them, if you have fast players play long ball you need to study your team and get the best out of them