I am seeing an increasing trend of managers using this formation:


How can this be countered? Basically from the look of the formation, the flanks (LB,RB,LM,RM) and middle (CB,DMC,AMC) are adequately covered.

4-5-1 V, man-marking is a possible option, with a DMC shutting out the AMC and single striker marked out of the game. The DMC can also push up to form a 3-man central midfield to crowd out his single CM, while down the wings (LB,LM, RB, RM), I can try to counter and overcome his wings. Is this a good formation to counter? Any others here have any other useful countering formation (assume both teams are quite equal in quality)

Would a 4-3N-3 or 3N-2(DMR/DML)-3N-2 formation work too?