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Thread: How to handle this 3-3-4 formation?

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    How to handle this 3-3-4 formation?

    Hello guys!
    I have a Champions League Final in about 14 hours from now and would like to know about which tactics or formation to use to beat this strange formation that I’ve never seen before. I am 117% and my opponent is 123% so it will be very tough final.

    So, the 3-3-4 formation that he is using is like this:


    His AML and AMR are very close to the ST position which means he has 4 players in front, that’s why it’s 3-3-4.

    Since he’s strong, I am thinking about defense, or hard defense, long passes and maybe through the middle because he got plenty of space there.

    Maybe 451V or 4-3-2-1 would work?

    Thank you guys in adavance, I will be waiting for some response before the final match.
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    well, 117% and 123% not really big different, it just 5% different. no need to play defensively

    use 4-3n-3

    start the game:
    normal mentality, short pass, through the middle, OFF counter attack
    high press, zonal marking, ON offside trap

    if no goal after 30 minutes, use mixed pass, through the middle, ON counter attack
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