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Thread: 3-4-3 Formation discuss

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    3-4-3 Formation discuss

    So last season i used 4-4-1-1 formation and it was good but this season i don't know why but i bought 3 good ST and i always liked formation with only 3 defenders so i am thinking to use 3-4-3 formation
    What do you think about it and what are the weaknesses !!!

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    3-4-3 is best with 1 st, 1 aml and 1 amr.
    Using 3 st might work, but it would have major defensive flaws, plus 3-4-3 is better with attacking down the flanks and not through the middle, but you'll have to go through the middle with 3 st. Bro you've got to control your urge to bid, you can't buy 3 good st, how many tokens did you waste?