I have a cup match tomorrow. I'm playing against a 442 team. I'm 2% lower rated than him. I'd play 451 v, which is my main, but it just doesn't seem to work. I had my only defeat from that guy in the league. 4-0 at away. I couldn't attend it but I Don't think it doesn't matter because on a friendly against that guy again I played V style and beaten 3-0. I also knocked out by a guy, you guessed it, using 442 (1-0 vs 1-1). First match at home i got defeated 2-3.I thought 4-5-1 v should have beencounter formation to 4-4-2. It just doesnt work. What formation should I use, and how it's orders should be? Morale boost, sub ins etc.



My Main DMC had a red card, but he can play now. He is 85% but has 100% defender rating. He can both play DMC and DC. All other usable players are there in the pic.