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Thread: 4-5-1 v

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    4-5-1 v

    Hi, I play with 4-5-1 V formation but always losing against teams with similar %, even with teams 10% worse. Today I lost 0-4 against team like mine. So I want to know where is the problem, here is my tactics:
    Team Mentality: normal
    Focus passing: mixed
    Passing style: mixed
    Counter-attacks: no

    Pressing style: low
    Tackling style: low
    Marking style: zonal
    Offside trap: no

    Also, can You send me a screens of correct 4-5-1v. I have now 4 defenders in straight line; is it ok?
    Maybe issue is in my tactic? Maybe 4-5-1v is just bad and I should change it to something else.
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    Focus pass down both flanks since you have AML and AMR
    Counterattack ON whenever you have normal or defensive mentality.. Don't use counterattack on attacking mentality.
    Passing style depends upon your opponent's formation and tactics, but mostly mixed almost all times.
    Don't press high if you have counterattack ON or in defensive mentality. Press high only when you go attack mentality.
    Normal tackling, why in the world do you have it in low? Hard tackle against very strong teams, but be careful you have more chances of getting cards but will boost your defense.
    Offside trap will work only if you are playing attacking and your opponent is really weak or your defenders have more speed than your opponents' attackers.
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    Thank You so much! You have all Yours defenders in straight line, or dl and dr are little higher? And how about marking style?
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    I disagree with the both flanks passing.
    Im playing 4-5-1V for 2 seasons now, and never had very hard times vs oppos.
    Mentality : If you are Home - start Normal, later, depends on how things are going - Attacking OR Def.
    Passing : I start with Mixed, later - Short ( Never used Long ).
    Focus : Mixed, later - Mixed.
    Counters : On
    Pressing : Starting Low, escalation to High, depends on the result and my players' ratings.
    Marking : Always used Zonal.
    Offside : Depends on your mentality. I start with traps Only if my oppo is stronger than me, otherwise - Off.
    Bonusses : Almost all the time - Possesion, later, depends on the result - Attacking. Last 10 mins - Condition.
    Note that, you need to have strong wingers for this to work. That means - decent training ( not only stars ).

    Edit : About the defenders - DC-DC-DL-DR. Always with 4, no matter what. Keep in mind the DMC here, he plays important role.
    DL and DR are almost in the DMC's line and wide. That way, they are acting ALSO as supporting-attacking wingers.
    Don't worry, your middle is secured, with the 2 DC's and DMC.
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    The problem of your 4-5-1 V,

    The problem is on your tactics, change it this way below, I bet you will see an improvement.
    Passing focus: down both flanks
    Passing style: Mixed
    Counter att.: yes

    Pressing style: high
    Tackling style: Normal
    Marking style: zonal
    Offside trap: yes

    If possible your AML and AMR should b stronger than other players in your team because they are the key players in 451v

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    Dont get it... force counter with high press and offside

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    Guys use offside trap only when you are playing attacking or without counter attacks

    I'm playing for fun