Once again I find myself in the tough spot to counter 4-4-2ND, so in the last match I managed to take a draw in my home tame (2-2) and a win on my opponents stadium (0-1) although he had a stronger team and he was level 7, while I am level 5. 4-5-1V came through once again! Now again I play a stronger opponent that uses 4-4-2ND, so I am going 4-5-1V attacking and focus passing on the flanks since he is weak there. I will play attacking mentality and see what happens there. I think that I get to play vs stronger teams on cup and they face weaker teams, I find it the most imbalanced thing in the game. On a different note, I bid on a couple MC's 43-44 quality yo replace those I have, but they have SA (both have Defensive Wall). Has anyone done the math if the 50 skill points I have spent, could make them from 40 quality to 44?? If this is the case then I wasted 6-7m and 3 tokens. Also with a couple of exceptions all my players now have SA. I tanked the league before that and won the last one with 24 wins - 0 draws - 0 loses So my goal this season is the triple crown! If I don't get it this time, then I will tank the next season as well since I have an average of 23 years old in my team. I will lose one player of retirement, but most of the rest are 24 max. No one answered my question on my post before that, does the training mode (rest, normal, hard) has to do anything with how the team will perform in an actual game??