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Here it is, my team is on the left.
I'd go 3-6-1 against that, focus middle. i.e. 3n-1-2-3w-1
3 Dcs + a DMC will stop his attacks, the DMC + 2 MCs give you a 3-2 advantage in the middle, yielding a nice possession advantage, and with only a DMC and Dc in the middle on defense you should be able to score easily against him. You can pull the AM flankers back to MR/ML to counter his flankers if he's attacking, but if so I'd put red arrows on them to draw his DL/DR away from supporting center.

Against eiffel tower, I'd probably use essentially the same formation, but moving the DMC up to MC, with blue arrows (to counter counterattack), but maybe attacking instead of normal.