Played against a 3W-4-1-2 who was atleast 10 percentage points ahead. Used a 4-1-3W-2 to counter.




Played with a Normal Mentality, using arrowheads DOWN on all four defenders, defensive midfielder and MR(because he had his best midfielders and defenders there who I suspected would attack my right flank alot). Used an arrowhead UP on my ML who had weaker midfielders and fullbacks to deal with. Used Man Marking, high pressing, normal tackling but with offside tactics on. Did not force counters, short passing and focus passing was mixed. After a 2 goal lead in the 60th minute, saw his sub being very attacking, changed my MR with a more attacking, dribbling(special ability) MR/AMR. Brought an AMC on and used an arrowhead up on him. Then brought an AML on for my ML and went for the kill. Goals came from an AMC(sub), my advanced MC that I started with and strikers who combined using numerical superiority.