Since the game contiounsly saks,and my team is getting older ,the bidding wars for even a 4* player happens every day,and my "lovely idiots" wont get any $ from my pocket,i have to make some decisions how i will manage it to my league this season.

Since i have plenty DMC's from my last formation 4-5-1 V ,i am wondering if anyone has ever played eifel tower(not to count a formation,but as his main formation).

Tactics,mentality etc.I am thinking defensive mentality since i have 3-4 pretty solid teams in my league.

But my problem is that as last season which i had the best attack (which gave me some adv) in the first 22-23 games ,i believe that the same will happen also this season.The team which will score more will get the league.

So the def style will be mayde problem.

Also if somebody finded this formation it would be usefull for me to tell me what are the keys and the key players in that formation.

If also somebody has any suggestion to make for a formation which thinks that can be effective for my DMC s or my good AMR-L-C i am listening.