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Thread: After macht

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    After macht

    Hey, guys!

    I got a question... I played against 78% team using 4-4-2 simple formation, while I was 84% and trying to counter him with 4-5-1 (V style). He did not watch the match, tho’ he was playing at home, but he didn’t get 8% possesion.

    At last, 3-0. I lost hardly, I’m wondering why. I played in borj flanks, being offensive, without counterattack nor offside.

    I usually used this kind formations (4-5-1) against 4-4-2, but he just kicked far away.

    Could you give some tips and advices to improve mu strategy against 4-4-2 formations?

    Thanks a lot!

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    Hey and welcome to the forum! This video created by myself, should help you a bit : )

    However, I don't suggest 451v against have 5 defenders against 2 attackers and 5 midfielders- attackers against 8 !

    Your flanks are open as well
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