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Thread: How to beat strange 3-3(DML-DMC-DMR)-1-2(AML-AMR)-1?

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    How to beat strange 3N-3(DML-DMC-DMR)-1-2(AML-AMR)-1?

    How to beat strange 3-3(DML-DMC-DMR)-1-2(AML-AMR)-1?-3-3dml-dmr-1-2aml-amr-1.jpg

    Hi everyone,

    How to beat this 3N-3(DML-DMC-DMR)-1-2(AML-AMR)-1 formation? I am thinking of 4-5-1 flat, what do you suggest? Should I attack on the middle or on the flanks? Game will start in about 2 hours.

    His starting team is 40.4, mine is 34.7.

    Any advices are appreciated.
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