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Thread: 4-5-1 V without striker counter

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    4-5-1 V without striker counter

    How to beat 4-5-1 V,but with AMC and no ST?
    First i tought 3-2-2-2-1 butterfly will be a good formation,but he will have his AMC free
    Now i think about 4-1-4-1
    This manager is very good and in first leg at his hime i lost 4-3 and i need to win atleast 1-0
    He had 3 supporters and he changed his formation like 3 times,one of them is this.
    I can't tell if he is stronger than me or weaker beacuse he change his tactics and formation
    One more formation he played is:3w-2-3w-2 but i will play 3-1-4-1 for this,i heard is good
    Last match he played 4-3n-3 before he changed it

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    bonjour a toi j ai tj contrer un adversaire de 2 fa├žon la 1 en 43mcaml amr st ou en 4 3 mc 3 st bonne chance a toi mon ami