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Thread: how to beat this formation? and other question too

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    how to beat this formation? and other question too

    1.the opponent use 4-3-3N formation and his defense is extremely solid ,his midfield passing is brilliant and always score
    and his strike force were good also .his team were all scout,so do i . i tried 4-3-3N and 3-4-3 but both defeated.i cant find a way defeating him for the first time as i meet him every league level . can someone give me a guide pls?

    2. i play as home team against him and get 8% bonus possesion and we both use same formation 4-3-3 N but my possession were much lesser .why?

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    1.try 442 classic attack on flanks
    of try defensive formation and couterattack to score

    2. may be his midfields or his conditions and morale were better

    please show me the result after using this so I can suggest this to other people next time