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Thread: Is this a good counter?

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    Is this a good counter?


    So I'm playing a guy who plays a weird 3w-3n(centre mid)-3w-1. This seems to me to be a seriously flawed formation but in the last game he beat me 1-0 when I played a 4-1-3w-2.

    This time round I want to play a 3w-2(DMC)-1-3w-1, full pitch pressing, long passing. I'm trying to nullify his AMC with my DMCs, press high to put pressure on his lone DC and trade possession in the midfield by completely bypassing it.

    What do you think?

    Sorry about the lack of graphics... I'm typing on my mobile.

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    If he uses this formation


    you should use this to conter him

    PS. please show me the result after using this so I can suggest this to other people next time