I need help against 3W-2 (MC) -3W-2 formation (semifinal champions)-screenshot_20200613-195603_top-eleven.jpg

Hello, I need urgent help to beat you in the CHAMPIONS LEAGUE. Their formation as you can see is 3W-2 (MC) -3-2, a very offensive formation but it works for the rival because of its high level players. My players are almost all of 6 stars and one almost reaching 7 (mc). My style of play is the counter-formations and I was thinking of playing a 3W-5-2 since I read that this would be the correct counterformation (not on this site ), but I wanted you to be able to help me more than that since I very much doubt this formation with so few defenses for an attack as solid as his, I don't know if it is the correct one. I also needed help with what tactics to use. Thank you