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Thread: Counter formation support needed

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    Counter formation support needed

    Hello everyone,

    I'm fairly new to the game and always trying to adapt my strategy but i came across a formation which beat me already and i still have 3 games against him: 2 in cup, 1 in league.

    He is playing:
    2DC- 2 Advanced wing defenders DL, DR- 2 MC - 2 Advanced wing midfielders AML, AMR - 2ST. It says 2-2-2-2-2 formation.
    He is active, team power aprox 109 and has Mourinho for extra posesion.

    I've played 4-4-2 defensive and wing long ball strategy then after 0-1 i switched to 3-4-3 offensive and he scored another goal.
    My team power is 102 now.

    He lost today against 4 DC-1 MC - 3AMC/L/R - 2ST so i wonder if that might work.

    Thank you for the support!

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    Hi Snuffx,

    Maybe you can try to use 4231, 2DC - DL DR - 2 DMC - AML AMC AMR - ST.
    Mentality: Normal or Defensive
    Focus: Mix or Down both Flanks
    Passing: Mix or Long
    Force Counter: On or off
    Pressing: Low or high
    Tacking: Normal
    Marking: Zonal
    Offside: On with high pressing or off with low pressing
    Level 21
    League Won: 13
    Champions League: 8
    Super League: 0
    Cup: 11
    Super Cup: 8

    81.53% winning rate
    44 games winning streak

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    I agree with this suggestion.