I am currently on top of the league with 1 point clear of my opponent. he just bought a new scouted ST who is 24%. He will be playing similar to me with 4-5V-1. As I have played this formation for very long, I have found out at times that my ST seems isolated and gets the lowest rating of below 7 at 60-70 mins of the game. I usually change formations, but I want to know how can I have his ST isolated.
As stated above, I know that the 2 AML and AMR will be starting their positions from Midfield and with a specific Formation and tactics. There is a possibility to isolate his ST.
I have done my part of training all my Defence. I have:
90% DL (Trained from 85%)
79% DC (Trained from 74%)
100% DC (Trained from 95%)
81% DR (Trained from 75%)
82% DMC MC (Trained from 78%)

On Paper, the opposition is 87% to my 91%. But I think this could be an interesting clash. Please Advice