I have a question for all the masterful managers in this forum. Supposedly against a standard back four DL-DC-DC-DR, if you have identified a weakness in this defence line, say the left side DL-DC is a weaker side compared to the right, how would you position and deploy your attacking players of AML-AMC-AMR to exploit this?

For those that would like more context, I’m facing a classic 4231 formation that drops deep into his own half, probably hard defending, and plays a control the ball style that starts with the back four. I’m trying to emulate Jürgen Klopp/Bayern Munich’s high pitch pressing style and pressure that defence line into constant mistakes and force counter attack in his half.

I’d like to hear your suggestions/advice on team formation and settings. I would use a 2-3-2-3, with DML-DMC-DMR and AML-AMC-AMR in this scenario, and use attacking/hard attacking.