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Thread: Help against league leader

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    Help against league leader

    Any tips/advise against a 3W-2(DMC)-1-3W-1 formation? He plays short/controlled style with pressing

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    Some of it depends on your players versus his, and how you compare in overall quality. If you have a particularly good matchup at one position, or the players to fill certain formations.

    In theory, working back to front:
    - He has 3 attacking mids (wide) and a central striker, so go with 4 defense (DL-DC-DC-DR) and a DMC. The DL/DR will negate the AML/AMR and combo 2xDC/DMC will negate his AMC/ST.
    - He has a single MC, so going with 2 MC gives you control of the midfield which is another key
    - He has 2x DMC and a DC, so the middle is clogged up a bit, so avoid a AMC. Hopefully you have AML/AMR that have a favorable matchup with his DL/DR, or else change to 3 mids with two strikers...

    Based on the first two, it starts to lend itself to a 4-5-1 V-style. Maybe something a bit unbalanced where you shade your ST to either side to take advantage of a favorable AML/AMR matchup. Or 4-1-3-2.

    I would think your mentality should be defensive, focus depends on what you ultimately decide on formation. 4-5-1 V-Style down both flanks, long passes, counter on...

    Hard to say without more information.