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Thread: 2-1-2w-4-1??

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    My opponent in the super cup plays a super offensive formation. I guess you could say I'm stronger than him, I'm 115%, he's 100%.
    Here's his exact formation:
    ML - - - - MR
    (his flanks are very far up, but they're still aml/r)
    How do I counter this? Just match his attack with 3w-2dmc-2mc-2aml/r-st?

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    It is very obvious your opponent tries to manipulate the match by optimising his attacking threat to play only 2 defenders & 1 DMC at the back.

    And it is also so clear that he tries to cover his flanks with just 2 wide midfielders, relying on them to move back to cover when under attacks.

    Therefore, the solution is to break down 1 flankā€™s defence by unusual player positioning


    As image above, 4F-2-2-1L/R-1, with ST at AML region to create a dominant zone with AML, MC at the MC/DMC/DL corner to cover wide midfield & also part of MC area (where opponent has no MC at all) and flat back-4 to mark AML-ST-AMR, 2 DMCs man marking 2 AMCs & MR man marking ML.

    Defensive, via 1 flank, CA on, mixed (must change to short with 2 long passes being intercepted). Start match with low pressing (change to high press & man-on-man when needing to chase goals in last 30 mins, possibly DC off and ST/AMR on).

    This option provides a higher chance of scoring to win.


    Alternatively, if you want to have the safest option defensively, play 4-2-3W-1AMC, with AMC placed right next to AML region.

    Midfield would have better control with 3v2, though counter goals will be reliant on set pieces and build-up play on the left flank with chances to be scored by AMC or MR usually.

    Should choose to pick the flank with best players, as opposition does not even play DL or DR for any duel factors to be considered.

    15% is well bridgeable when 20% is still beatable. Wish you all the best of luck with Super Cup match there!
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